How to go from first draft to masterpiece

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The biggest mistake that writers make is thinking that it’s just about writing. It’s painful to see people post on writer’s groups about how they’re writing or have just finished their first draft, and how could they find an agent to publish this? It makes me wince, and I must admit that I’m not strong enough to write them the answer they deserve. The answer usually congratulates them before advising them to not even look at that until they’ve done multiple edits. Because you should feel proud, finishing the first draft is an accomplishment. Not everyone can do that; not…

Loved this, Zulie! Always been a fan of your work, but this article especially stood out! I hate hustle culture and how 'fashionable' it is to work yourself to exhaustion and boast about it. Your article made me realise what my goal is!

It’s a habit that you could stop today.

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Within psychology, there is an and how they’re formed. Countless questions are asked and attempted to be answered.

Such as: are we born a certain way, or do we develop it along the way? How does intelligence or empathy form resilience in individuals? We look at dozens of personality traits and markers for them. But one trait is consistently missing from this list, and that’s because it isn’t a personality trait at all.

We often over-identify with negative behaviours in a way we never do with positive ones. We’ll say that we are disorganised, but…

This guide is not the end-all to loving yourself.

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They say that no one can truly love you until you love yourself. But I think that is beside the point, as this presents self-love to be a stepping stone to validation from others. It isn’t a stepping stone, it isn’t a means to an end; it’s the ultimate goal, the finish line we strive towards.

Here’s a fun fact that you may not have consciously considered: you are the only person that you will be with for your whole life. You are the person that you will spend the most time with. Isn’t it a shame to not like…

Please don’t leave me

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I don’t know when I realised that the way I cling to relationships was unhealthy. I don’t think there was a moment of realisation, but rather the effects of it slowly gathering strength over me. I don’t just mean romantic relationships, as my fear and self-loathing kept me from anything serious until the age of nineteen. I mean friendships, acquaintances, family and everyone else in my life. I was consistently trapped by the devastating fear that they would tire and leave me, contradicted by the self-sabotaging desire that they would.

I was pushing them away with my actions and words…

Habit, addiction or ritual.

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“Forget the next big thing. We’re all suckers for the last big thing.” — Derek Thompson, The Atlantic.

I have a list of TV shows that I’ve been meaning to watch, or rather that I intend to watch one day. Whenever they come up in a conversation, be it The West Wing or Buffy, I’ll mention that I’m planning to watch that. But when it comes to sitting down and watching a show or reaching the finale and determining what’s next, I won’t go for one of these series on my bucket list. Instead, I’ll turn to something that I’ve…

It takes 66 days to build a habit, so make this Day 1

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We all want to get more out of our day. Most of us have complained that there aren’t enough hours in the day or that time passes by too quickly. But the problem is that even if we had more hours, we’d find ways to waste them. The issue isn’t the amount of time we have but rather the habits we’ve created to waste that time or reduce our productivity.

I’m about to take you through the seven deadly sins of habits, key behaviours that ruin your productivity. None of them are huge; none of them on their own are…

Forget what you’ve been told before

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As children, we were always learning, even when we didn’t realise we were, and especially when adults didn’t realise we were. Children are like sponges, soaking up everything they see and do. That’s how they learn about romantic relationships, friendships and many more lessons. Unfortunately, that’s also how they develop toxic traits. We see Mommy insist on doing everything herself, and so we believe that’s what you’re meant to do. We see Daddy never cry or show emotions, and so we learn that this is what is expected from people.

We learn so many lessons while growing up, and many…

And love the body you have now

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My sister once told me that we’re always time travelling, living in either the past or the future. And nowhere does this ring more true than in how we view our bodies. We fixate on how we once looked. How skinny we used to be, the jeans we could fit into, the outfits we could’ve pulled off, all tinged with the regret that we didn’t appreciate that body more. We fixated on how we want to look, how we plan to look. The workouts and diets that will get us there, how this will finally make us happy.

But spoiler…

Books are more than a number on your list

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As a woman, it’s probably not surprising that I love to multitask. I like to watch a show whilst I’m cooking, as it makes the process more relaxing and an opportunity to wind down from my day. I like to listen to podcasts whilst I walk or run, as a chance to achieve a bit more from that time. I am all for multitasking, but I draw the line when it comes to reading.

I consider reading to be sacred. It’s corny and undoubtedly biased because I’m a fiction writer, but I truly believe reading is a vital function in…

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