And this is coming from a Swiftie

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Friday the 9th of April, 2021 was a momentous day. You may have noticed something, be it the uncontrollable sobs of women forcing themselves through a breakup album or even the sound of wine bottles being simultaneously uncorked across the globe. Because on Friday the 9th of April, Taylor Swift released her first rerecorded album, and Swifties got to live through the delight of ‘Fearless’ all over again. It didn’t matter that we’re in our twenties or thirties now, singing about high school crushes and loss. …

How to go from first draft to masterpiece

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The biggest mistake that writers make is thinking that it’s just about writing. It’s painful to see people post on writer’s groups about how they’re writing or have just finished their first draft, and how could they find an agent to publish this? It makes me wince, and I must admit that I’m not strong enough to write them the answer they deserve. The answer usually congratulates them before advising them to not even look at that until they’ve done multiple edits. Because you should feel proud, finishing the first draft is an accomplishment. Not everyone can do that; not…

Four tactics to increase your writing pace

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I work in Content Marketing. It’s a job I really enjoy, but I need my passion projects on the side, mainly working on my manuscript and writing articles. I do a lot of writing for my job, but the articles I write in my own time give me the freedom and reflection I crave. Given that I work full-time, finding the time for my own pursuits is quite a struggle. You’re constantly walking the tightrope between taking the rest time you need but also maximising your efforts and working towards your goals.

That’s why the time you do use is…

It took a Tiktok to teach me this.

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I spend way too much time on Tiktok. I used to be one of those people that denounced the app and claimed I was too old for it. But big surprise: it is super addictive.

Tiktok is smart, so you quickly believe your suggested videos and trends are the same as everyone else, as it predicts exactly what you’ll enjoy. But as I do with all social media platforms, I like to break this mirage intentionally. I do this by checking out the comments. Because the comments aren’t streamlined to your tastes, and so they’ll show you the good, the…

Scorpio. Writer. Borderline Personality Disorder.

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I have recently entered the excruciating world of dating apps. My long-term relationship ended, and I have no clue how you even meet people nowadays. I’m not really a social butterfly, and even if I was, clubs and festivals are still on hold where I live, so it seemed like dating apps could be the way forward.

For years, my friends have been telling me about their dating app escapades. I have been enlisted to help refine bios, weed out potential weirdos and even drunkenly swipe for them one time — what a high!

So I downloaded Happn, and when…

To post or not to post, that is the algorithm

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I hate how much Instagram still controls my life. I can fool myself into thinking it doesn’t anymore, that I’ve grown out of the teenager who used to consistently upload photos in an attempt to feel liked and wanted. I can pretend that I’m not posting because I don’t care or because I don’t have anything to share right now. But when I look at the amount of time spent on the app, the way it makes me feel once I put my phone down, the number of posts gathering dust in my drafts, the truth is unavoidable.

Instagram makes…

Fuelled by too many ice coffees as I dive into the wild world of SEO

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I became a Content Marketer because I love writing; I’ve been jotting down stories in notebooks since I was eight years old. Writing blogs seemed like a way to make a living and develop my work whilst retaining that creative streak. And in many ways, it is that. Writing for a specific audience or in a determined tone of voice pushes you as a writer, and so does writing about topics you have no knowledge or interest in. But it turned out that Content Marketing is a lot more than blog writing, something I grew to love.

For example, I…

Losing my dad somehow prepared me for my breakup

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I lost my father almost three years ago, and it remains something that I struggle to talk about. I have very few articles about him, simply because it is too painful to discuss. I put almost everything into words, yet I am at a loss when wording my grief. My grief is a beast of its own making, it is huge and all-encompassing and the only way I can make it through days is to package it away. …

6 marketing lessons for every friendship and relationship

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Graduating with a degree in psychology and anthropology but a passion for creative writing left me slightly lost. There were countless paths I could follow, and yet none of them felt quite right.

I ended up taking a marketing internship at a small startup, as blog writing seemed to be the closest I could come to writing as a profession for the time being. Six months of intensive marketing training later, I managed to get a job and stay at that startup. Three years later, I’m still there, and my days are consumed with marketing in the travel industry.


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For the full experience, listen to Dog Days Are Over — Florence and the Machine

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for happiness. I looked for it in other people, believing they could cure me. I believed it to be just out of reach, that if I’d lose a bit more weight or change something else, then I’d finally be happy. So I stood at all of these moments that were supposed to make me happy, and felt nothing, worse than nothing, for I felt the absence of it, the hole that it left.

But then there are moments…

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