I’m Fleurine. I’m twenty-five years old and I currently live in Rotterdam. I’m Dutch, but I was born in the UK and raised in British schools. I love writing, either here on Medium, on my own blog (Symptoms of Living) or working on fiction manuscripts. I’m currently querying for an agent on my latest manuscript.

I like going for runs, listening to Taylor Swift, baking chocolate chip cookies, reading books, watching series, looking after my plants, doing karaoke, playing board games and convincing people to do drinking games with me.

Contact Me

I love hearing from people! You can reach me at info (at) byfleurine (dot) com

You can also find me on Twitter (@byfleurine), where I write chaotic thoughts as they enter my mind and share my articles. I love making friends on Twitter so please reach out, and excuse my boomer-like tendencies.

Work With Me

Aside from writing articles, I am also a Content Marketer. I’m SEO-trained, and my blog ranks highly on Google. I’m always open to new collaborations or assignments. Here are some examples of how we could work together:

1. I can review your product or book and write an article about it.

2. I can provide copywriting services, using my SEO expertise.

3. I can provide SEO tips for your website.

4. I can provide editing or proofreading services.

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Fleurine Tideman

Just another millennial content writer who thinks they have something to say. Mail: info@byfleurine.com | Twitter: @ByFleurine| Blog: Symptomsofliving.com