So no one told you life was gonna be this way, you’re self-isolating and the flour’s gone away!

And so, as the credits begin to roll and the edgy voices of The Rembrandts fill your TV, I introduce you to…

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The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends

The One with Ross’s Sandwich

A: Rachel and Monica’s Prank War

Rachel reads an article about how someone earns a living through their Instagram following and is determined to do the same and quit her job.

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Sourdough photo by Macau Photo Agency, Rachel photo by Wikipedia

B: Joey Thinks He Has Corona

Joey is terrified, and begins to assume that every small thing reflects a symptom of COVID-19.

C: Ross becomes Mindful

But then something changes, and there is a soundtrack of bird sounds and gongs, as Ross ‘finds his zen’.

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Photo by Free Stocks on Unsplash

If it ever gets too hard, just do a Ross and eat fajitas, drink margaritas and insist I’M FIIIIIIIINE. That is before you take off your trousers to dance to the entire Chicago soundtrack — I certainly recommend.

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